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Product Protection Solutions

Product protection 1 sm When your lab work requires aseptic processing and maximum product protection, enlist MBRAUN expertise in creating a contained environment that's both user-friendly and high quality. Following all relevant industrial standards during the design and assembly phase special attention is paid to provide a system which covers all aspects of product protection. Making internal parts and surfaces easy to clean and decontaminate is one example.

MBRAUN's experience spans sterility testing, dispensing, sampling and even simple aseptic transfer. As with all of our isolators, an assortment of options allows you to tailor a system to your needs. Among them: Integrated sterility testing, rapid transfer ports, interlock systems and particle counting.

Our new single-pass solution with safe-change filters allows for speedy aeration after hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination; the speed gets you back online quickly.

For more information on the products we provide for product protection please contact us.