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Encapsulation Solutions

1 Encapsulation smIn the fabrication of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) the coated substrates have to be protected against the harmful influence of ambient conditions – specifically moisture and oxygen. Several concepts ranging from end-sealing, face-sealing, thin-film encapsulation up to glass-frit encapsulation (laser sealing) are established in the market. Each process has its specific advantages and drawbacks where devices can be evaluated for optimum performance in respect to costs per device and quality of the encapsulation. All processes have in common that the cover glass is sealed against the substrate to form a gas-tight stack.

2 Encapsulation smMBRAUN developed and adapted a series of process tools that enables customers to fully seal the devices and prepare them to be taken out of the inert environment in order to run life time or efficiency tests. Pre-treatment solutions such as convection and vacuum drying, UV-Cleaning and Plasma-Cleaning, followed by a series of dispensing solutions and desiccant mounting equipment prepare the cover glass so that it can be laminated under vacuum conditions with MBRAUN's proprietary non-contact gas-pressurized end-sealing machine called the UV-Press.

Each process module has been designed to be run under inert conditions and is available both as a stand-alone research tool as well as a fully automated solution for pilot and production lines.

Please contact us for more information regarding our encapsulation solutions and our process experts will consult you for optimum system and process setup.