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System Integration

1 System-Integration smWe at MBRAUN understand system integration as a distinguishing characteristic and main feature of our business. As we serve various markets  and applications the most diverse process tools and components each with its unique characteristics have to be integrated into clean environments. Typical examples are robots, ALDs, X-Ray diffractors, chemical reactors, optical alignment systems, electron microscopes, vacuum equipment and coating tools. Many of these systems show a significant sensitivity to vibration, heat, particles and often have constraints in accessibility. Therefore it becomes of major importance to integrate the individual systems properly to guarantee optimum functionality and user-friendliness.

In engineering, system integration is the physical and functional assembly of the component subsystems into one unit and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a whole.

To accomplish these tasks MBRAUN's engineering teams co-work with their respective counterparts at the 3rd party supplier to understand the characteristics of each tool to be integrated. Based on an interdisciplinary approach mechanical, electrical and software interfaces are unified into an economical and ergonomic integration concept to ensure that all subsystems function together as a whole.

MBRAUN is independent from the manufacturers - if you require consultation concerning individual components we are readily available. We can provide a complete solution or integrate your components as a service.