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Contract Development and Production

1 Contract-Development smMBRAUN offers a unique relationship with its vendors and clients. With three manufacturing locations throughout the world and an R&D Center, in its German headquarters, MBRAUN enjoys partnerships in developing and manufacturing clean environment solutions. Our clients include top-tier companies, government agencies as well as start-ups and universities.

Our Contract Development capabilities understand client and product specific processes and procedures for designing and manufacturing clean environment solutions based on our core competencies which include:

  • Product protection
  • Operator protection
  • Particle removal
  • Functional coatings
  • Oxygen and moisture removal
  • Solvent drying
  • Substrate curing
  • Substrate encapsulation
  • System integration
  • Sublimation
  • Heat treatment

Our capabilities span from the creation of clean environments, integrated software solutions up to process tool development for the various markets we serve. Additional capabilities originate from our thin film coating, UV curing and encapsulation expertise. MBRAUN's production infrastructure supports the manufacturing of prototypes up to just-in-time production.

Option I: Contract Development

2 Contract-Development smProducts are developed on contract, as defined by the Proposal. They are developed in full cooperation with the client. The custom products are fully owned by the client. All intellectual property resulting from the development effort is owned by the client.

Contract R&D

Custom products designed to meet your critical design parameters developed collaboratively with your team. Your organization owns the intellectual property for the design, creating an expansion of your organization's R&D capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Option II: Custom Product Development and Manufacturing

3 Contract-Development smCustom products are developed in close cooperation with your team and are sold exclusively as a private label to your organization. MBRAUN retains the rights to the technical concept and the software source code which reduces the expense to your organization. Terms are according to the custom development and manufacturing agreement, described in the proposal.

Custom Products are sold exclusively to the client under private label. There is a nominal cost for the development work, which is rebated back to the client based on purchases.

Custom Production of your specialized product in the quantity required for your specific need. This service will reduce waste and cost from unneeded product for your organization. The product can be developed by MBRAUN, or can be a preexisting design.