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MB-HT High Temperature Ovens


High temperature ovens from MBRAUN are often utilized in the sealing of HID lamps. Designs include a double walled stainless steel consisting of the body and lids. Ovens can be offered glovebox integrated or as standalone configuration. Typical operation temperature is 1,050°C [*] with a maximum temperature of *1,200°C [*]. Heater and heat shields are made of molybdenum with a heated zone diameter of up to 450mm [*] and a height of 600 mm [*]. High vacuum systems consists of one dry running roughing pump and one turbo molecular pump (about 1000 l/s). A pneumatic lift mechanism can be included to lower and raise oven lid into place.

(* Specification of the hi temperature oven will vary depending on configuration)

For more information regarding our wide range of Hi-Temperature ovens please contact us.


Please contact MBRAUN for more information.


Please contact MBRAUN for more information.


Please contact MBRAUN for more information.

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