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Standard Antechambers and Loadlocks

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MBRAUN's standard antechambers with sliding tray design are used to transfer various items into and out of the working atmosphere without affecting the clean environment inside the enclosure. Antechambers come in either a standard cylindrical configuration or in a rectangular shape that can be either manually operated or custom equipped as a fully automated antechamber. Heating and cooling functions are available upgrades along with custom sizes and configurations to meet unconventional needs or applications.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right antechamber and/or loadlock for your specification needs.


  • Round large main antechambers
  • Round mini antechambers
  • Round mini antechambers (bottom mounted)
  • Rectangular square antechamber
  • L-shaped square antechamber
  • Round T-shaped antechamber
  • Square T-shaped antechamber


  • Automatic antechamber control
  • Mechanical interlock for antechamber doors
  • Antechamber nitrogen purge
  • Electro-pneumatic door lifting mechanism
  • Heated/cooled antechamber trays
  • Various pump types and configurations


Please contact us for more information.

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Custom Antechambers

Custom antechambers and loadlock designs are used when standard solutions reach their limits as larger components with unconventional properties have to be transferred into and out of the clean environment.

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