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Custom Antechambers and Loadlocks

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MBRAUN's custom antechambers and loadlock designs are used when standard solutions reach their limits. Especially when larger components or products with unconventional properties have to be transferred into and out of the clean environment tailored antechambers become inevitable. Ranging from small load locks for single wafer transfer, over clocked robot loaded systems for substrate-cassettes in gen8 FPD production lines, shielded designs for the handling of radioactive materials, sterilizable transfer-ports for highly-active pharmaceutical powders up to integrated transfer and alignment solutions for entire jet-engines. MBRAUN designs and successfully implements customized antechambers for almost every application.

Please contact us to find the design and specification for your unique loadlock and antechamber design.


  • Miniature designs
  • Capacious designs
  • Shielded designs
  • Sterilizable designs


  • Heating and cooling
  • Clocked evacuation cycles
  • Mechanical interlocks
  • Transfer and alignment solutions
  • Specially Designed Sliding Trays
  • Customized pump stacks with soft-start
  • Gate valve designs


Please contact us for more information.

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Standard Antechambers

Standard antechambers with sliding tray design are used to transfer various items into and out of the working atmosphere without affecting the clean environment inside the enclosure.

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