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The MBRAUN MB-3000-IGMS is the world's largest and most powerful inertgas purifier designed to be used for the most demanding operating conditions in regards to working space and absorption capacity for moisture and oxygen. There is nothing bigger than this purifier on the market today.

Exclusively used for the large scale manufacturing environments where system downtime, reliability and stable operation are vital, the MB 3000 IGMS exceeds all other purifiers on the market today. Features include a custom made blower with a capacity of 1,900 m³/h, a weight of over 7 tons, 8 fully regenerable filter columns as tall as a human being and an adsorption capacity of 4,160 liters of oxygen and 104,000 grams of water, this purifier can easily be connected to enclosures of 100 m³ and larger, achieving working environments of less than 1 part per million oxygen and moisture.

Features of the IGMS series purifiers such as a powerful Mitsubishi control unit, 2 color 8.4'' touch panels, a dry vacuum pump, an open platform for future upgrades, frequency control for the blowers, electro-pneumatic valves as well as full stainless steel piping are all incorporated into the MB-3000-IGMS. Functions like the automatic leak test (ALAS) and the automatic purge function offer a maximum of process reliability. Built on MBRAUN's high quality standards all subcomponents are made of stainless steel and/or are manufactured from distinguished suppliers.

The current comprehensive array of optional items from the G-series is extended with additional features specifically designed for industrial use. The most popular features include remote control panels, an enhanced control unit with custom data interface, quick purge units and a larger operation panel.

Just like the other purifiers available at MBRAUN the MB-3000-IGMS is equipped with MBRAUN's proprietary, in-house produced oxygen and moisture sensors that have been specifically developed for glovebox operation. The IGMS has a complete sensor set integrated into the purifier. The combination of both, MB-3000-IGMS and MBRAUN's sensors allow for an accurate and consistent monitoring of the working atmosphere that is nearly maintenance free, with quick response times and reliable.

With its reduced overall height and a reinforced frame with castors the IGMS allows easy move in and uncomplicated installation. With its capacity and flexibility offered by additional options such as quick purge units and custom data interfaces the IGMS is the system of choice to fulfill all requirements for industrial production.

Please contact us if you have questions choosing the right inert gas management system for your specification needs.


  • Available version for clean dry air (CDA)
  • For enclosures up to 200 m³ with laminar flow
  • For enclosures of up to 100 m³ without laminar flow
  • Removal of oxygen and moisture down to less than 1 part per million
  • Closed loop recirculation
  • Mitsubishi Q-series with 8.4'' color touch screen
  • Automatic box leak test (ALAS)
  • Automatic box purge
  • Integrated oxygen and moisture sensors
  • Automated regeneration sequence
  • VCR connectors
  • All stainless steel piping type 1.4301 (SUS 304)
  • Electro-pneumatic main valves
  • Magnetic control valve
  • Encapsulated blower
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • CE compliant


  • MB-QP (Quick purge)
  • Custom data interface
  • MB-SAPU (Safety air purge)


  • 8 reactor columns arranged in 2 purification lines
  • Attainable purity levels H2O < 1 ppm, O2 < 1 ppm
  • Removal capacity 4,160 l O2 and 104,000 g H2O*
  • Mitsubishi Q-series with 8.4'' color touch screen
  • Automated regeneration sequence
  • Frequency controlled multi-speed blower; maximum flow rate: 1,900 m³/h*
  • All stainless steel piping type 1.4301 (SUS 304)
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • Electro-pneumatic valves
  • Weight ~7.000 kg (incl. vacuum pump)
  • Outer dimensions: 8520 x 2420 x 1975 mm (WxDxH)

*Technical note: Depending upon operating conditions

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