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Substrate Lamination

The lamination of substrate to cover glass is an extremely critical, complicated and important step in the entire encapsulation process. An effective encapsulation of the substrate can provide essential protection of the active layers from harmful components like oxygen and moisture as well as mechanical stress. Therefore, this process step is the prerequisite for a stable and durable OLED device.

The process involves transferring the cover glass with previously applied desiccant and adhesive along with the EL glass into the process chamber. After the glass-2-glass alignment is achieved, the glasses are pressed against each other under vacuum conditions. MBRAUN's proprietary non-contact, gas pressurized lamination principle allows the application of highly uniform pressure across the entire substrate area, resulting in a bubble free gas tight sealing.

The high intensity UV Source cures the adhesive within seconds whilst the active device area is shielded from irradiation via the optical filter. The core system components are:

  • The high intensity UV Source with a combined shutter/reflector system
  • The vacuum process chamber with its integrated lamination stage (quartz glass)
  • The combined receiving/alignment chuck (glass-2-glass alignment)
  • The vertical linear drive mechanism

MBRAUN offers three different types of lamination tools to better meet your needs.


The MB-UV-Cure is part of the MBRAUN encapsulation process tool series specifically designed for applications in the organic electronics marketplace. The basic function is to encapsulate rigid substrates with a cover glass under ambient pressure conditions using a high intensity UV source.


The MB-VacuPress is a manually operated vacuum lamination tool with a transparent vacuum chamber for evacuation. The system can handle substrate sizes up to 150 x 150 mm. The system is offered in both stand alone and glove box integrated configurations.


The MB-UV-Press is designed when a system is required that combines the accuracy and precision of an automatic process control with the economically favorable way of manual loading and unloading substrates and cover glasses.


The MB-UV-Press-Auto is the lamination tool of choice when the highest precision, reliability and repeatability during the lamination process are required. Most commonly this system is applied in fully automated pilot-scale systems in which it is embedded into a supervisory control system.

Please contact us for more information regarding our lamination process tools.