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The MB-GDP is a versatile multi-purpose platform which in its most frequently used setup is applied as part of the encapsulation of OLEDs. In the standard established OLED encapsulation process the consecutive application of desiccant materials and UV curing adhesives is utilized in order to seal and protect sensitive organic materials from the harmful interaction with ambient conditions, especially moisture.

Unlike other system concepts in which both process steps are segregated from each other, the MB-GDP follows a combined approach. Dispensing and getter mounting are integrated in the same platform allowing for a minimized footprint, significantly reduced investment costs and still offering an unmatched flexibility for future extension and upgrades. A variety of dispensing valves ranging from pressure-time-valves, over micro-screw volumetric dispense heads up to high-velocity jetting units offers solutions for any kind of dispensing task. The integrated multi-purpose head holds space for up to 5 different process units so that even an ODF-process (One Drop Filling) with a combination of jetting valve and volumetric valve becomes possible. In the standard setup a pick-and-place vacuum suction head with an automatic feeding system is embedded allowing pasting desiccant sheets (getters) of various sizes onto the cover glass.

Integrated into the multi-purpose head is a CCD camera which verifies the position of the cover glass on the stage, monitors the correct placement of the desiccants and supervises the precision of the dispensing.

Being available as a stand-alone unit and embedded into a fully-automated line the MB-GDP fulfills all requirements of process stability and accuracy from sophisticated research up to pilot scale manufacturing.

Please contact us to equip the MB-GDP with the matching functional heads so that it meets your specification needs.


  • Micro screw dispense valve
  • Sheet getter feeding system
  • Optical positioning system
  • Standard and customized function heads
  • Electronically verified positioning


  • Liquid getter process
  • Multi-head pick & place function
  • One drop filling (ODF) process


Please note: specification may vary depending on configuration

  • Travel Range X: 400 mm
  • Travel Range Y: 400 mm
  • Resolution X/Y: 0.2 μm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.004 mm @ 3S
  • Process Accuracy: +/- 0.010 mm @ 3S
  • Pick & Place Time: 4.0 sec.
  • Camera: 1032 x 776 pixels
  • Tools: Process optimized

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The MB-UV-Cure is part of the MBRAUN encapsulation process tool series specifically designed for applications in the organic electronics marketplace. The basic function is to encapsulate rigid substrates with a cover glass under ambient pressure conditions using a high intensity UV source.


The MB-UV-Press is designed when a system is required that combines the accuracy and precision of an automatic process control with the economically favorable way of manual loading and unloading substrates and cover glasses.


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MBRAUN's UV Ozone Cleaner series are used in the organic electronic and semiconductor industries as well as in scientific research fields including biology, chemistry, physics and materials science.


MBRAUN's UV Ozone Cleaner series are used in the organic electronic and semiconductor industries as well as in scientific research fields including biology, chemistry, physics and materials science.


The MB-Plasma-Cleaner improves performance of the coating by removing contamination by way of breaking down the oils and other hydrocarbons in most vacuum chambers resulting in high-quality coating results.


Adapted specifically for OLED encapsulation the MBRAUN MB-Dispenser series offers highest flexibility, process repeatability, a variety of optional features, a compact design and is completely compatible with inert-gas equipment. Starting from manually operated stand-alone laboratory units up to fully integrated, robot loaded dispensing platforms.

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