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Laminar Flow Design

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The unidirectional flow also known as laminar flow is a controlled, directed gas flow through the entire cross section of a defined volume at a constant velocity and in practically parallel streamlines. Laminar flow is often utilized for the protection of products that are extremely sensitive to particle contamination during transferring, filling and packaging.

Latest results from research centers and the accumulated experience from manufacturers indicate that the presence of particles constitute a frequently underestimated problem. Not only do they have undesired effects on the quality of the material, but can even reduce the overall yield of an entire manufacturing process.

Laminar gas/air flow conditions as they are commonly used in clean rooms set the standard for particle free environments. MBRAUN adopted the well established clean room concepts and transferred the core technical elements into the inert gas technology. Latest developments include the proprietary HPL membrane which is a unique feature only incorporated in MBRAUN systems allowing to reach cleanroom levels of less than class 1.

Using this interdisciplinary approach it is possible to produce systems from standardized R&D equipment up to complete production lines with inert laminar flow conditions, thus reducing the particle load on substrates and cover glasses to a minimum which enhances the quality of the processes considerably.

In cooperation with leading process tool suppliers MBRAUN has incorporated laminar flow with many different applications and process tools. Amongst those are ink-jets, dispensers, slot die coaters, screen printers, lamination units, transfer robots and conveyor belts.

Choosing the optimum sub-components under clean room conditions better than class 1 can be achieved even in large scale manufacturing whilst having moisture and oxygen concentrations below 1 ppm. The latest trends in OLED processes and close contacts to our end users help ensure that MBRAUN extends its expertise in integrated inert laminar flow solutions.

Specially enclosure configurations can be designed and integrated to meet your specific application needs. Contact us today to discuss your laminar flow needs.


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