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Hood Design


A commonly used design principle for customized inert gas enclosures is called the hood design. This approach is specifically applied when system platforms fetauring baseplates shall be enclosed in an inert environment. During the engineering phase the hood is precisely suited to the size of the base plate and secured via pre drilled screw holes. After assembly and testing, the hood is attached from above to the baseplate and properly sealed. All necessary feedthroughs, transfer ports such as load locks and antechambers and supporting components such as cooling units are integrated into the enclosure walls so that no mechanical changes to the process tool become necessary.

This approach has been proven successful for many equipment types such as industrial dispensers, robots and transfer units, X-Ray diffractometers, getter mounting units, welding systems, complete battery manufacturing lines, entire OLED encapsulation tools and many more.

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Compatible with other modular glovebox workstations from MBRAUN the MB-200B allows for the setting up of various workstations of any size and configuration.

Panel Design

In manufacturing applications in which standard gloveboxes and even hood designs reach its limits, a unique approach has been created and perfected from the MBRAUN engineering team – the panel design.

Laminar Flow Design

Laminar flow is often utilized for the protection of products that are extremely sensitive to particle contamination during transferring, filling and packaging.

Local Dry Room

Incorporating the Local Dry Room enclosure from MBRAUN provides not only a more effective but even more efficient solution for applications which require ultra-low moisture levels and the absence of airborne particles.


The MPU-Series inert gas purification system is a modular purification unit (MPU) that offers an intermediate solution between the G-Series and the IGMS-Series product offering.

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