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Custom Enclosures

Despite having a wide range of standard gloveboxes, specific applications especially from our industrial customers demand more unconventional shapes, sizes and configurations thus making customized enclosures a necessity in order to provide efficient solutions.

Engineers at MBRAUN have in depth experience in designing and manufacturing complete solutions while helping to improve overall productivity. For example, larger more complex gloveboxes and custom enclosures are usually integrated into industrial production lines while smaller more conventional units are used for research and development. Custom gloveboxes and enclosures, include special panel design systems, hood enclosures or even inert laminar flow when an efficient particle removal becomes necessary.

Please contact us or choose from the following designs of custom enclosures below:

Hood Design


Hood designs are frequently used when entire process tools and system platforms have to be integrated into inert gas enclosures. This approach is specifically applied when system platforms featuring their own baseplates shall be enclosed in an inert gas environment.

Panel Design


In manufacturing applications in which standard gloveboxes and even hood designs reach its limits, a unique approach has been created and perfected from the MBRAUN engineering team – the panel design.

Laminar Flow Design


Laminar flow is often utilized for the protection of products that are extremely sensitive to particle contamination during transferring, filling and packaging.

Local Dry Room

3_Panel Concept
Incorporating the Local Dry Room enclosure from MBRAUN provides not only a more effective but even more efficient solution for applications which require ultra-low moisture levels and the absence of airborne particles.