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The MB-ProVap-3 is a research and development tool for thin film deposition under vacuum conditions. The rectangular shaped chamber offers additional space for more sources and optional upgrades such as substrate heating and advanced masking solutions. Due to the design additional pump configurations such as more powerful turbo-molecular and cryo-pumps can be offered.

Instead of the automated chamber lifting mechanism of the MB-EcoVap, this system series offers a rear mounted hinged service door which hermetically seals against ambient conditions. For the glovebox integrated version this unique feature allows maintaining and cleaning the interior of the deposition tool without contaminating the inert conditions inside the connected glovebox.

The space saving sliding front door offers an ergonomically optimized access to all components located inside the MB-ProVap. Routine procedures such as loading the sources, mounting the substrate and cleaning the system after the deposition run are very easy and convenient. The standard features of the MB-ProVap design separate this tool completely from other solutions which have not been originally configured for glovebox integration.

Process Development

From a process point, a larger chamber with its additional vacuum ports allows for additional sources to be integrated into the chamber and for the overall source arrangement to be optimized which enhances the achievable coating uniformity and process quality. All commonly available sources for RF and DC sputtering, thermal resistance evaporation, organic material coatings and E-Beam processes have been integrated and are successfully used from MBRAUN's growing global customer base.

In addition, a process team has been established at MBRAUN to consult and support customers to choose the appropriate chamber size and to find the optimum source configuration for each specific coating process. The in-house application lab equipped with a MB-ProVap-7G system and several state-of-the-art metrology tools offers the possibility to simulate and verify the process conditions even of challenging coating tasks.

Specifically for the ProVap series MBRAUN offers tailored solutions for demands which do not follow conventional requirements such as enhanced source control (multi-source co-evaporation), customized substrate masking, advanced heated/cooled substrate fixtures and many more.

Please contact us if we can support you in choosing the right thin film deposition system for your specific application.


  • For substrates up to 70x70 mm or 100 mm wafers
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Hinged rear service door
  • Ergonomic sliding front door
  • Shielded view port in front door for visual process monitoring
  • Recipe programmable PLC control
  • Removable protective shielding
  • Compatible with most standard deposition sources
  • Ergonomic to operate, easy to clean
  • Available as glovebox integrated and stand alone
  • All stainless steel construction
  • UL listed and CE compliant


  • RF or DC sputtering
  • Single and multi-pocket E-beam
  • Multi-source thermal metal deposition
  • Multi-source organic evaporation
  • Co-evaporation capabilities
  • Variety of available pump stacks (incl cryo-pumps)
  • Rate & thickness control
  • Source & substrate shutters
  • Glovebox integrated or stand-alone


Please note: specification may vary depending on configuration.

Vacuum Chamber Specification (Rectangular Chamber Design)

  • 380 mm x 380 mm x 500 mm (width x depth x height) (inner volume 72 l)
  • Full stainless steel with rear hinged service door and front sliding door
  • Removable protective shielding
  • Base flange with 14 high vacuum ports for source mounting
  • Top flange with high vacuum feedthroughs for substrate shutter and substrate rotation
  • DN160 interface for vacuum pump stack
  • Shielded DN100 viewport in front door

Evaporation Technology

  • Thermal resistance evaporation
  • Temperature controlled organic evaporation
  • RF, DC or DC Pulsed Magnetron sputtering
  • RF Magnetron sputtering with reactive gases and upstream or downstream control (mass flow controller)
  • Electron beam evaporation with multiple pocket arrangements
* Available in various combinations

Substrate Size

  • For substrates up to 70 x 70 mm or 100 mm wafers (*depending on source configuration)

Substrate Fixture

  • Available on request for substrates and/or masking assembly

Substrate Rotation

  • Optional up to 33 RPM

Vacuum Pump Configurations

Rough Vacuum

  • Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps
  • Dry scroll vacuum pumps

High Vacuum

  • Turbomolecular pumps with a pumping speeds of 260 l/s, 560 l/s or1100 l/s
  • Cryogenic-pumps with pumping speeds up to 1200 l/s

* Other pump configurations on request

Vacuum Measurement

  • Wide range vacuum gauge (Pirani/Penning)

Ultimate Vacuum

  • Depending on the final vacuum pump and source configuration down to: < 9 x 10-7 mbar

System Control

  • Siemens PLC with multi-color touch screen
  • Inficon controller for rate control/monitoring
  • Recipe management

Substrate Pretreatment

  • Integrated quartz lamp heaters
  • Optional in-situ systems available on request

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