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MBRAUN Accessories:

The accessory list below is a selection of popular accessories offered at MBRAUN. Please also view our spare parts page to see other items.

1 Antechamber Standard


MBRAUN offers many different options to enter and remove products to and from the enclosure in a timely manner.

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1 Analyzers sm


MBRAUN analyzers are available both in solid state and liquid cell versions, with measuring ranges from <1ppm to 1000ppm, ensuring the atmosphere within your MBRAUN glovebox is both oxygen free and moisture free. Need your analyzers recalibrated? Read more.

Other analyzers are available including:

  • MB OX-SE3
  • MB GSU

Balances sm


MBRAUN offers an entire line of balances to measure a product's precise weight.


Chillers (Gas Cooling Systems)

This option allows the user to lower the working temperature inside of the enclosure's environment.

box cooling sm

Cooling Fan

Glovebox integrated cooling fan.

cold well sm

Cold well

MBRAUN offers several different sized cold wells for cold storage and cold reaction manipulations.

Cold plate sm

Cool Plate

Optionally hot plates can be equipped with an integrated cooling circuit which can be run either with water or liquid nitrogen.

Cryogenic Traps

Traps for using cryogenic liquids as part of a coolant systems.

feedthru sm

Feedthroughs and Flanges

MBRAUN offers a comprehensive list of feedthroughs and flanges to integrate your equipment from the lab environment to the inside of the enclosure.

Fine Filter sm

Filters (Carbon, HEPA, ULPA)

MBRAUN offers many alternatives to filter out contaminants in your enclosure whether it is particle or solvent removal, MBRAUN has a solution for your application.

2 Freezers sm


PLC Controlled glovebox integrated freezers with external compressors and variable shelves for the storage of sensitive materials.

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Accessories Gas Mixing

Gas Mixing Systems

This option allows the user to mix two different gasses before entering the enclosures' environment.

Gloves sm


Glovebox gloves are available in all different sizes, thicknesses and materials to suit your particular application.

Glove-port sm


Gloveports for glovebox windows and side panels.

8 Inch-Internal-glove-port-cover sm

Gloveport Covers

This option allows the glove port to be isolated while safely changing a compromised glove.

1 Heatable-Tray

Heatable Tray

Heatable trays heat up and/or keep warm the material inside the antechamber.

Accessories illumination


Ergonomic glovebox illumination.

2 Antechamber Standard sm

Mini Antechambers

MBRAUN offers different mini antechambers for easy material and tool transfer into and from gloveboxes.

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Microscope sm

Microscopes and CCD Camera Systems

Equipment for microscopic analysis of glovebox contents, video analysis and video-assisted motion.

ORings sm


Special O-Rings for sealing glovebox feedthroughs, covers, doors and ports.

Vacuum Oven icon 500x500 sm


MBRAUN offers a complete line of stand alone and integrated vacuum ovens in many different sizes and temperatures.

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Clean-Jet sm

Particle Absorbers

MB Clean Jet Station for plasma burner systems to remove large quantities of SiO2 when sealing quartz tubes. MB Clean Jet for particle removal from glove boxes, e. g. welding systems.

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Accessories Piping


Piping on the enclosures can be specified to be either copper or stainless steel.

1 Plasma-Burner sm

Plasma Burner Systems

Customized plasma burner systems for MBRAUN gloveboxes.

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Quick Release sm

Quick Release Window

Easy to remove window allowing for easy access to integrated equipment inside the glovebox.

Shelving sm


MBRAUN designs and manufactures shelving options that meets your needs. We work closely with our customers to offer a variety of shelving solutions.

external solvent trap sm

Solvent Removal Systems

This option allows the user to remove solvent vapors that could be potentially harmful for the gas purification system.


Ionizer sm

Static Eliminators

This option allows the user to remove the static in the direct work area that powders are being handled.

Vacuum Cleaner sm

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning inside the enclosure.

Vacuum-Pump sm

Vacuum Pumps

MBRAUN has a wide variety of vacuum pumps available for your specific application.

KF-40-Hand-Valve sm


Manual hand valves and automatic electro-pneumatic valves for glovebox technology.

Please contact us if you do not see an accessory you are looking for.