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Nanotechnology Research & Development

1 University-Research-and-Development smNano-materials are currently used in a growing number of applications. Battery applications for example are utilizing nanoscience to increase the power density and enhance the mobility of the charged particles through electrodes and electrolytes. In OLED related applications nanomaterials and nanofabrication techniques find their use in the next generation thin film encapsulation processes in which thin layers of nanomaterials are deposited onto the sensitive functional coatings in order to protect them from environmental damages caused by moisture and oxygen. Semiconductor devices such as microchips or MEMS, pharmaceutical products and advanced textiles are continuously exploring new ways to utilize the performance enhancements offered by materials in the nanoscale such as higher strength, lighter weight, increased control of light and greater chemical reactivity than their microscopic or even macroscopic counterparts.

MBRAUN supports this research by developing dedicated products such as the ISO Pro nano to meet the challenges of nanoscience research and manufacturing. Especially during the synthesis and packing special care has to be taken to protect the operator from the sometimes harmful effects of nanomaterials which are caused when they are inhaled or just brought in contact with the human skin.

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