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HID Lamp Development and Production

Lamp 1 smThe HID lamp's high-intensity, point-like light source is well suited to the requirements of cinema and home projectors, lighthouses, airport towers, searchlights, spotlights and automotive headlights. They're also beginning to appear in street lighting, shop lighting and architectural lighting as they emit a natural light and have a lower heat impact than other types of lamps.

HID lamps produce light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes, inside a fused-quartz or fused-aluminum-oxide tube. The arc tube contains both gases - for the arc's initial strike - and metal salts. Once the arc is started, it heats and evaporates the salts forming plasma, which greatly increases arc light intensity while reducing lamp power consumption.

During the manufacturing process especially moisture and oxygen pose a threat to the lamp performance: undesired light color and a dramatically reduced lamp lifespan. Therefore the production has to take place under highly controlled conditions which are only possible in inert gas glovebox systems, which both ensure the desired gas mixture and minimize moisture and oxygen contamination.

Lamp 2 smAs the light's color is determined by the properties of the gas surrounding the arc, these lamps encapsulate a specific gas mixture. MBRAUN's idea of being a complete turn-key-provider is realized as the entire scope of the lamp production process is carried out under our inert manufacturing platform. Standard and custom enclosures, inert-gas purification systems with nitrogen removal, high-temperature ovens, pumping-filling stations, metal-halide dosing equipment and plasma-burners for the bulb end-sealing – all necessary equipment are supplied from one source.


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